Thursday, August 6, 2009

HomeSchooling Is it Right For Your Family?

Homeschooling is a subject that is filled with myths. When I was in school we felt sorry for kids who were homeschooled, stuck at home all day with no interaction from other kids. What about extra-curricular activities? Who wants to be stuck at home with their parents all day?

But the truth is that homeschooling has really come a long way. There are many organizations that allow homeschool children to gather together, interact, and be social. Community HomeSchool groups often meet weekly or more and might offer specialized classes, such as gym, music, art, or special subjects. Many school systems allow homeschool children to partciapte in extra-curricular actvities.

However homeschooling is serious work, parents need to be well organized, and throughly educated in the type of curriculum that will work best with their child. Curriculum and materials for homeschooling can be very expensive, unlike schools homeschool families are typically not buying hundreds of copies in order to recieve a large discount. However there are ways a homeschool family can save money,

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

The Homeschool Buyer Co-op is a free homeschooling organization for both new and veteran homeschoolers. Co-op membership is free and confidential, and entitles homeschooling families to discounts from over a hundred educational suppliers. They also sponsor "Group Buys" for curriculum packages that save homerschooling families lots of money. On the site you'll find lots of free information, such as databases of free curriculum, field trips, and educational contests and scholarships. Highly recommended. Click here for more information. offers homeschool families the opportunity to buy special purchases of curriculm, using the power of the internet to connect larger numbers of buyers, individual families can take advantage of group discounts. The website also lists how home school families can qualify for educational discounts and find local fieldtrips.

It is very important to research the pros and cons of homeschooling and to completly research the requirements for home schools in your state.

#1 Way to Save