Friday, May 29, 2009


Okay not quite, but it was feeling that way.. until yesterday. Of course our first baseball game and it drops from 80 to 50 degrees overnight, not fair! We are only on week 2 of summer vacation and I am running out of inexpensive (aka free) things to keep my children occupied. Once the pool opens up, that will be a huge help. But until then, what do we do???
Went to walmart today, spent $9 on a new Whamo Slip N Slide with an inflatable board to slide on, no more worries of scratched bellies on a missed rock under the slide. Made the kids a deal, we would get it out after lunch if they did not argue with eachother one time until then. Otherwise they would have to wait for their dad to get home. It worked! For the first time in two week sI had two hours of blissful non screaming! The kids had fun slipping and sliding, though they had trouble making it all the way down with the board.
We are excited for the Library summer reading program, that always gets the kids excited for reading. And our library has free movie video game rentals for the times when they can't be outside! yay! During the summer the library is our best friend, though we tend to forget about it during the school year.
We are on the hunt to visit every park that is within an hour drive this summer, the kids love to explore the paths. I love that I am actually getting some exercise
We are also looking for somewhere to go this summer for an extended weekend trip. Something that would be enjoyable for kids ages 3-11 and not be horribly expensive (aka no big amusement parks please) Any ideas?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A day at the beach, sound like fun?

What was I thinking?!!!! It was a nice 80 degree day and actually felt warm without the wind blowing.. FINALLY!!!! I have been promising the kids a beach day when it was warm, and man did they hold me to it.

We took off after school today, shovels and pails in hand. I reminded them that the lake is not going to be warm enough yet. I reminded my 3, 5, and 7 year old that they could only go wading. Sorry my legs aren't quite ready for the summer, so no way was I getting in too. They go out further then i was comfortable, I tell them they need to come back in, if their shorts are getting wet they are out to far. "But mom those kids are swimming!" Those kids are slightly older with no parents in sight riding their bikes on the road in flipflops and with no shirts. You know what mommy phrase has to follow, "I am not their mom, I am your mom." I try reasoning with the older two they have their little brother who is going to follow him. He's not really swimming yet, so I don't want him further then where I can jump in and grab him if he falls down. It lasts for about 3 minutes, then they are back out there.
"But it's no fun if we can't go swimming!" They were told before we left there would be no swimming, they can walk and get their feet wet in the water but that is it. I was relieved when another family showed up, and the mom was literally repeating everything I had just said. Then at the same time we told our kids that's it they are not listening we are done with the water!

So we go to the playground at the beach, kids climbing up the slides, I call them all over tell them if they do it again we are all leaving., Not five minutes later, one is climbing up the slide. But I'm the one being mean and unfair!

Whatever, I'm the mean mom get used to it.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time for a Confession...

I have been mainly a stay at home mom for the past nine years. People may say I knew what I was getting myself into, but honestly I didn't have the slightest clue. When I married my husband, the fact that he had two sons that he adored and was such a good dad to was a major attraction for me. His oldest was adorable and we got along well. Besides they are only here on the weekends. Little did I know that by marrying my husband I became the free babysitter. Over the next few years my school, my dreams of become a band director were put on hold as I tried to the best for these boys, while their mom finished school. At the time it was no big deal, I was already struggling, I will just go back and finish my degree. Ha Ha Ha!

Two years into our marriage, we had a baby girl together. It was the most amazing thing in the world. After being the primary caregiver to my stepsons with no credit, no authority, nothing. I now had my own child, and while I love my stepsons, it just can't compare.
Fast forward seven years and two more kids (and a tubal ligatio)later. I have finally gone back to school... online. It is fine I guess, I need to have a degree so when my youngest starts Kindergarten in two years I can actually get a job. I can forget about my music, I have touched a drumset in 8 years, and my piano skilsl are sorely lacking. So instead I opted for Psychology, to work with troubled youth and social services. I am glad that I have finally returned to school even if it is not the way I had pictured but it's something, it helps me feel like I am doing something.

But to be perfectly honest. I was defintely not cut out to be a housewife. The mom part I can handle most of the time, but the doting housewife is so not my thing. I admit the dishes don't get done until we are out of all the clean ones. Laundry is the same way, and it will sit in baskets, then the baskets get dumped mix with the dirty clothes on the floor and then they all have to be washed again. I have tried the organizing thing. I love to organize, it gives me great joy to sort and stack and find all kinds of creative ways to try to not have to clean as much. However it's the upkeep that fails me. Cooking?!!! Ha! I try I really do, but usually making dinner means planning ahead so there is meat thawed out, and there are some sort of ingredients on hand. Again not my strong suit. I love to try new dishes and experiment, though my family does not appreciate it.

My husband would be an amazing stay at home dad, he is a great cook, he can clean the entire house in an hour and I have no idea how he does it. On the weekends when we clean I will start on one room and he will have the rest of the house done before I finish that one room. If he didn't work so much he would be in charge of it all.

But he does work sometimes two jobs and now he is traveling often gone for a week or more at a time. Leaving me with all of this. I did try to mow the lawn for him last week, ended up putting a two foot hole in the middle of the front yard. I give up.

All in all I have a good life, but then why am I so miserable. All of these years of my life revolving around "Hey Mom," "Mommy can you," and "Mom!" has taken it's toll. I love my children more than anything. But I just need to get out of this house, I peruse the job boards every day looking for the miracle job that will take someone with no real work experience and pay enough to cover childcare for five children through the summer. Now I have worked off and on throughout the years in preschools and daycare, and doing some field marketing jobs. Preschool and childcare do not pay anything, I was looking in the ads and while I made $7.50 an hour as a lead toddler teacher in a very expensive childcare center, Aldi's pays their cashiers $11.30 an hour! How fair is that?!! Well that could be a whole nother blog post for another day. I have had job interviews but in this economy my chances are slim to none,there are plenty of experienced work available and I have no real work history, landing a job that pays more than $10 an hour is more of a dream than reality.

My point is I know I will get persecuted for not being grateful that I get to be a stay at home mom to my children. You just do not realize how isolated you become. I can't even volunteer to help at the school or with the PTA, and I even had to resign as Girl Scout leader because younger siblings are not welcome. I am grateful for my son's preschool who let my 3 year old and I hang out and help as often as we want and i try not to take advantage of it , but it is nice to be around adults too!

I am just not the mom who is comfortable with a babysitter so I can enjoy time to myself, and in the end my kids suffer as much as I do. I admit that I can be a pretty crappy mom when I am stressed and snap at the kids, yelling at them to go clean their rooms or just to leave me alone for a bit. But at the same time, I do try and spend as much time as possible with them, reading stories playing games, and trying to find free fun things to do.

When you dream of being a mom you picture the diapers, and the throw up, and the scraped knees, and you know the work that will be expected of you. What they don't tell you is the level of isoation that is included. I see moms at all these play groups, and moms nights out and such. I did join a play group with my youngest, but then moms' lunch out was always a moderatly expensive restraunt that was way beyond our budget. And even now more and more have returned to work and then they resent you for being a stay at home mom. It's a never ending cycle the working mothers are jealous of the at home moms, the at home moms are envious of the working moms.
That's it, I just needed to rant... Feel free to chastise as you wish.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Should I get my child a cell phone?

I cannot believe the constant reminders in my child's ELEMENTARY school newsletter for parents to make sure their children are not using their cell phones during school hours. Now I do not consider myself old, but I graduated high school only 10 years ago and very few if any kids had cell phones. Now they are all over the elementary school. I am wondering how many will show up in preschool next year.

Now I seriously don't think that parents are getting their young children cell phones for social reasons. It is a safety line for both the child and parent, being able to talk to them whenever you need to. For the children though getting a cell phone is exciting, a sense of freedom, and it is new toy. It is easy for children to go overboard, going over minutes, testing the limits with texting and this presents and even more dangerous issue, "sexting".

We have all become aware of the dangers to our children online and the need to monitor what they are doing on the computer. But monitoring cell phone texts and pictures sent is a little more challenging.

One cell phone company has taken parents concerns to heart. Kajeet offers no contract phone service that puts parents in control. Check out some of these awesome parental control features:
  • Time Manage- Block your child from using the phone during school hours, study time, or set a phone curfew! (but you can setup for calls to and from parents can always get through)

  • Contact Mager- Allow only certain callers and texts to get through, block those you don't want.

  • WalletManager- You control how much is spent not the phone company. Set up seperate wallets, you can pay for calls to parents and family, your child pays for calls to friends! Teach your child to budget and be responsible with their phone!

Child loses their phone, or your not sure your child is where they say they are, look it up online. You can even setup automatic phone locaters and Kajeet will email you where your child's phone is at, great for afterschool check-ins!

Phones start at $19.99 and check out this special promotion for my Readers right now sign up and activate a phone with a $19.99 plan (remember no contracts!) and get unlimited texting and 150 minutes of talktime! Also get 15% off a phone! BTW, NO Activation fees! To learn more and take advantage of this offer you must use the links provided!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Learn to Talk to your 2-6 year old

Now I am not usually one to promote products in my blog but when I see something that will truly be useful to my readers i want to share it.

After your kids get to about the age of 2, they learn how to talk. Then comes the resistance. They start fighting with you over simple things, and this can be very tough on you. Do your kids completely take over control of your house, leaving you to feel helpless, guilty, and very stressed out? Yeah, we love our kids, but nobody ever said that loving your kids makes parenting easy!

Do you deal with these kinds of problems?

  • Your child won’t come to the table at dinner time, or screams for dessert without having eaten dinner?
  • Your little one doesn’t want to take a bath?
  • Your little toddler won’t stay in bed?
  • It’s a big ordeal getting your child dressed in the morning?
  • Your toddler fights with siblings?
  • Or how about specific situations like this: While driving with your toddler in the car seat, he drops a favorite toy and whines for you to pick it up for him, but you can’t reach it and find this impossible to explain to a 2-year old?

Here is the worst part … If you are stressed because of your kids, then your relationship with your partner is suffering! Until you get control of this, your relationship will be under massive pressure! Money is the number one source of fights in most relationships. Fighting about the kids is a close second!

Here’s the good news … You can learn to use language in a way that you’ve never done before … and you can get your kids to stop fighting and start behaving. This means you can go back to feeling the joy that you deserve as a parent. As you start to notice how much lower your stress level is from being a parent, your relationship will naturally get better.

There is an amazing program available that works wonders. It teaches you how to talk to your toddler and be able to work with them instead of against them. Click Here to learn more about Talking to Toddlers!

Perfect for ages 2-6!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Find the Best Deal for Mother's Day Weekend! Win an Amazon Gift Cert.!!!

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Mom Blogs

Monday, May 4, 2009
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Mother's Day is almost here. What are you looking forward to most? This year I do not get to look forward to being pampered and having hubby take charge of the kids since my husband will be working out of town. Instead I am looking at some special activities to do with the kids.

1. Make a book: Reading is a favorite activity in our house so making a book about our family is something the kids will really get into and they can all help. You can buy a book making kit at a store, but why not make the whole thing yourself? Cut out a cereal box to use for a cover. Grab some paper, pictures, crayons, and pencils scissors and glue. All ages can help. For the older kids have them think of a favorite day you spent together as a family, or a favorite activity you all do together. They can write it out, while younger children draw the pictures to go with it or help glue on photos. Mom can also add a favorite thing about each child. Add as many stories as you like. You can take the book to a local office supply store and have it bound for you.

2. Cook together: Make a favorite family dish or teach the children how to make your favorite dessert. For children too young to help, give them a pan with a little bit of cereal in it so they can feel like they are helping. Help older children measure while younger children pour and mix. Make sure everyone has a job when cooking and teach them to clean as they go!

3. Watch a movie together: Everyone cuddle together on the couch for a classic family movie. Even better, move the TV outside and set up blankets in the backyard.

4. Exercise together: Children love to be active and move and moms love to exercise. For toddlers grab a silly song cd and just dance around, not being afraid to be silly. Take a hike through a new park with your older kids or go on a family bike ride.

There are so many fun activities you can do with your kids isn't that what Mother's Day is all about anyways?

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Lets Start Again- Saving Money at the Grocery Store

As a stay at home mom to five, I know it's not easy to live of a single income. But it is not impossible! I will be continually updating the blog with my tips to save money and make money while being a stay at home parent!

First the Grocery store, besides shopping alone here are five tips you can use to save money.

1. Find out what day the truck comes to your favorite store. If you go late the night before or early the morning of you can get some great deals on manager markdowns. Especially on fresh items. By shopping at my Krogers on Wed Night I get milk for 50 cents a gallon. It only has a few days left, but we go through a gallon a day so I can still stock up on a few! Similar deals can be found on bread and bakery items and meat as well.

2. Make a list and stick to it! You've heard it before but by shopping with a list in a store you know well you can be in and out in no time and not waste money on the impulse items placed around the store. Why do you think Milk is always in the back of the store? An excellent method to beating the store at it's own game is Power Shopping You can visit this site to learn more about power shopping.

3. Check out Angel Food Ministries this is not a charity but program to help cut grocery costs. You can purchase a weeks worth of food for a family of 4 for $30!

4. Don't be afraid of store brands, but don't ignore name brands either! Yes typically store brand items are cheaper, but always remember to check the prices. Often when a name brand is on sale or closeout it is actually cheaper than the store brand. But make sure you check the size as well as the price. The name brand might be a few cents cheaper, but the store brand could be 20% bigger.

5. PLAN PLAN PLAN! Sit down when you get the weekly store ads, plan your menu for the next week based off what is on sale, make your list, gather coupons only for what is on your list. Don't buy something just because you have a coupon. Check out where you can have coupons loaded directly to your frequent shopper card. Also check out coupons, not only can you print out free coupons but you earn points when you use them.

For more tips check out 50 ways to cut your grocery bill with More Than 100 Tips On How To Save Money, By Making, Substituting, Or Growing Everyday, Ordinary Grocery Items. Also Includes Energy Saving Tips, Cleaning Tips And The Hidden Truth Behind Age Old Skin Moisturizers.Click Here to save on your grocery bill!