Monday, March 15, 2010

Active or Pushy????

Am I the only parent whose kids refuse to leave the house? Now I am not talking about when they are 40 an still living at home, but at the preschool and early grade school level. They reluctantly leave for school in the morning, dragging their book bags as if I am sending them off to prison on a life sentence. Yes I know that is normal. When my daughter was in first grade I literally had to crawl under her bed and drag her out get her dressed and ready and got her to school a half hour late but I got her there!

What I am talking about is after school. I don't dare suggest going out for dinner or need to do an errand in the evening. They absolutely refuse to leave the house! I get it they have been in school all day and want to come home and just relax. Who of us does not want to just curl up in our comfy clothes and a blanket with a good book...well okay a laptop?

However I want my children to be active. Last year I signed my daughter up for the community swim team. She is a natural born swimmer and loves it. However getting her to go to practice was a battle every single evening. She'd cry and say she hates it and wants to quit, but once I got her there she would be fine, unless the pool was too cold. My younger son tried football this past fall with about the same reaction.

It's not just after school weekend are not much better. I would like my children to be involved in church. We started attending the church where my youngest goes to preschool. The kids seem to have a fun time when they are there but now they fight to not go and many times it's just not worth the battle for me.

I want my children to be active, not over scheduled but active. They don't want to come home and just veg out in front of the TV and video games they play outside with their friends and are always running around the house. But I want them to be involved in something structured, that they will have to work at. Something they can find their talents with. Maybe it is because I did not have the opportunity when I was a young child to do these things. Once I was old enough I was involved in every activity and sport that I could do after school.

I find it hard to find that middle ground to be encouraging but not pushy, to let them have their relaxation time but to not be lazy. I want to get them out and involved in something, but I don't want them to resent it because I made them do it.

How do you encourage your children to be active without being too pushy?

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happilymarriedmom said...

I have the same problem with my oldest. We got him into karate in November. He loves it! But there are many times when he would just rather stay home. I just look at him and say, "Fine. No more karate. We could use that money elsewhere." He usually gives in and goes. And once he's there, he's just fine!