Friday, May 29, 2009


Okay not quite, but it was feeling that way.. until yesterday. Of course our first baseball game and it drops from 80 to 50 degrees overnight, not fair! We are only on week 2 of summer vacation and I am running out of inexpensive (aka free) things to keep my children occupied. Once the pool opens up, that will be a huge help. But until then, what do we do???
Went to walmart today, spent $9 on a new Whamo Slip N Slide with an inflatable board to slide on, no more worries of scratched bellies on a missed rock under the slide. Made the kids a deal, we would get it out after lunch if they did not argue with eachother one time until then. Otherwise they would have to wait for their dad to get home. It worked! For the first time in two week sI had two hours of blissful non screaming! The kids had fun slipping and sliding, though they had trouble making it all the way down with the board.
We are excited for the Library summer reading program, that always gets the kids excited for reading. And our library has free movie video game rentals for the times when they can't be outside! yay! During the summer the library is our best friend, though we tend to forget about it during the school year.
We are on the hunt to visit every park that is within an hour drive this summer, the kids love to explore the paths. I love that I am actually getting some exercise
We are also looking for somewhere to go this summer for an extended weekend trip. Something that would be enjoyable for kids ages 3-11 and not be horribly expensive (aka no big amusement parks please) Any ideas?

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