Saturday, May 9, 2009

Learn to Talk to your 2-6 year old

Now I am not usually one to promote products in my blog but when I see something that will truly be useful to my readers i want to share it.

After your kids get to about the age of 2, they learn how to talk. Then comes the resistance. They start fighting with you over simple things, and this can be very tough on you. Do your kids completely take over control of your house, leaving you to feel helpless, guilty, and very stressed out? Yeah, we love our kids, but nobody ever said that loving your kids makes parenting easy!

Do you deal with these kinds of problems?

  • Your child won’t come to the table at dinner time, or screams for dessert without having eaten dinner?
  • Your little one doesn’t want to take a bath?
  • Your little toddler won’t stay in bed?
  • It’s a big ordeal getting your child dressed in the morning?
  • Your toddler fights with siblings?
  • Or how about specific situations like this: While driving with your toddler in the car seat, he drops a favorite toy and whines for you to pick it up for him, but you can’t reach it and find this impossible to explain to a 2-year old?

Here is the worst part … If you are stressed because of your kids, then your relationship with your partner is suffering! Until you get control of this, your relationship will be under massive pressure! Money is the number one source of fights in most relationships. Fighting about the kids is a close second!

Here’s the good news … You can learn to use language in a way that you’ve never done before … and you can get your kids to stop fighting and start behaving. This means you can go back to feeling the joy that you deserve as a parent. As you start to notice how much lower your stress level is from being a parent, your relationship will naturally get better.

There is an amazing program available that works wonders. It teaches you how to talk to your toddler and be able to work with them instead of against them. Click Here to learn more about Talking to Toddlers!

Perfect for ages 2-6!

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Marie said...

So far my husband and I really like this course. We're on lesson 4 and it has helped quite a bit. Some of it is a bit more difficult for us to use on our too-smart-for-his-own-good 5 year old son. But overall, so far it has some really great strategies!