Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A day at the beach, sound like fun?

What was I thinking?!!!! It was a nice 80 degree day and actually felt warm without the wind blowing.. FINALLY!!!! I have been promising the kids a beach day when it was warm, and man did they hold me to it.

We took off after school today, shovels and pails in hand. I reminded them that the lake is not going to be warm enough yet. I reminded my 3, 5, and 7 year old that they could only go wading. Sorry my legs aren't quite ready for the summer, so no way was I getting in too. They go out further then i was comfortable, I tell them they need to come back in, if their shorts are getting wet they are out to far. "But mom those kids are swimming!" Those kids are slightly older with no parents in sight riding their bikes on the road in flipflops and with no shirts. You know what mommy phrase has to follow, "I am not their mom, I am your mom." I try reasoning with the older two they have their little brother who is going to follow him. He's not really swimming yet, so I don't want him further then where I can jump in and grab him if he falls down. It lasts for about 3 minutes, then they are back out there.
"But it's no fun if we can't go swimming!" They were told before we left there would be no swimming, they can walk and get their feet wet in the water but that is it. I was relieved when another family showed up, and the mom was literally repeating everything I had just said. Then at the same time we told our kids that's it they are not listening we are done with the water!

So we go to the playground at the beach, kids climbing up the slides, I call them all over tell them if they do it again we are all leaving., Not five minutes later, one is climbing up the slide. But I'm the one being mean and unfair!

Whatever, I'm the mean mom get used to it.

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