Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Should I get my child a cell phone?

I cannot believe the constant reminders in my child's ELEMENTARY school newsletter for parents to make sure their children are not using their cell phones during school hours. Now I do not consider myself old, but I graduated high school only 10 years ago and very few if any kids had cell phones. Now they are all over the elementary school. I am wondering how many will show up in preschool next year.

Now I seriously don't think that parents are getting their young children cell phones for social reasons. It is a safety line for both the child and parent, being able to talk to them whenever you need to. For the children though getting a cell phone is exciting, a sense of freedom, and it is new toy. It is easy for children to go overboard, going over minutes, testing the limits with texting and this presents and even more dangerous issue, "sexting".

We have all become aware of the dangers to our children online and the need to monitor what they are doing on the computer. But monitoring cell phone texts and pictures sent is a little more challenging.

One cell phone company has taken parents concerns to heart. Kajeet offers no contract phone service that puts parents in control. Check out some of these awesome parental control features:
  • Time Manage- Block your child from using the phone during school hours, study time, or set a phone curfew! (but you can setup for calls to and from parents can always get through)

  • Contact Mager- Allow only certain callers and texts to get through, block those you don't want.

  • WalletManager- You control how much is spent not the phone company. Set up seperate wallets, you can pay for calls to parents and family, your child pays for calls to friends! Teach your child to budget and be responsible with their phone!

Child loses their phone, or your not sure your child is where they say they are, look it up online. You can even setup automatic phone locaters and Kajeet will email you where your child's phone is at, great for afterschool check-ins!

Phones start at $19.99 and check out this special promotion for my Readers right now sign up and activate a phone with a $19.99 plan (remember no contracts!) and get unlimited texting and 150 minutes of talktime! Also get 15% off a phone! BTW, NO Activation fees! To learn more and take advantage of this offer you must use the links provided!

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