Friday, May 1, 2009

Lets Start Again- Saving Money at the Grocery Store

As a stay at home mom to five, I know it's not easy to live of a single income. But it is not impossible! I will be continually updating the blog with my tips to save money and make money while being a stay at home parent!

First the Grocery store, besides shopping alone here are five tips you can use to save money.

1. Find out what day the truck comes to your favorite store. If you go late the night before or early the morning of you can get some great deals on manager markdowns. Especially on fresh items. By shopping at my Krogers on Wed Night I get milk for 50 cents a gallon. It only has a few days left, but we go through a gallon a day so I can still stock up on a few! Similar deals can be found on bread and bakery items and meat as well.

2. Make a list and stick to it! You've heard it before but by shopping with a list in a store you know well you can be in and out in no time and not waste money on the impulse items placed around the store. Why do you think Milk is always in the back of the store? An excellent method to beating the store at it's own game is Power Shopping You can visit this site to learn more about power shopping.

3. Check out Angel Food Ministries this is not a charity but program to help cut grocery costs. You can purchase a weeks worth of food for a family of 4 for $30!

4. Don't be afraid of store brands, but don't ignore name brands either! Yes typically store brand items are cheaper, but always remember to check the prices. Often when a name brand is on sale or closeout it is actually cheaper than the store brand. But make sure you check the size as well as the price. The name brand might be a few cents cheaper, but the store brand could be 20% bigger.

5. PLAN PLAN PLAN! Sit down when you get the weekly store ads, plan your menu for the next week based off what is on sale, make your list, gather coupons only for what is on your list. Don't buy something just because you have a coupon. Check out where you can have coupons loaded directly to your frequent shopper card. Also check out coupons, not only can you print out free coupons but you earn points when you use them.

For more tips check out 50 ways to cut your grocery bill with More Than 100 Tips On How To Save Money, By Making, Substituting, Or Growing Everyday, Ordinary Grocery Items. Also Includes Energy Saving Tips, Cleaning Tips And The Hidden Truth Behind Age Old Skin Moisturizers.Click Here to save on your grocery bill!

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Marie said...

Another great site out there (though it's not free) is They go through the ads for all the local stores (here it's Kroger, Meijer, CVS, and Walgreens) and match the sale items up with coupons that are out. They even tell you what week the coupon came in the paper. Then they show you what items are the best deal. Also, don't just get your local paper. Get the biggest local city 's paper you can get. Around here, we get the Chicago Tribune. Not only do you get more coupons, they tend to be better. Instead of $0.55 off of an item, it may be $0.50 off which will double to $1 at stores like Meijer.